Cheer Ltd Open Championship - Richmond


Greater Richmond Convention Center

Event Information

Registration Begins at - 8:30 AM <br>
Teams need to register at least one and a half hours before their scheduled performance time.<br>
Competition Start Time: 10:00 AM <br>
Reminders: <br>
No coaches meeting, however competition information will be available at registration. <br>
Please bring proof of payment. <br>
Teams must have a zero balance in order to participate. <br>
No gym or personal checks will be accepted. <br>
Bring a back-up copy of your music. <br>
Bring proof of music license. <br>
Bring USASF rosters to registration. <br>
Make sure all coaches who are planning to go to warm-up have green light status. <br>
Award ceremonies will take place throughout the competition. Please refer to competition schedule for exact times. <br>
Summit Bids will be announced Monday following the event.